5 Simple Rules for a 20-Minute Workout

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There are a lot of people who say that they do not have enough time to work out and that is why they do not do it. In fact, it is not necessarily that you have 2-3 hours free to do a complete workout so that you are in shape.

You could have a 10 to 20 minute workouts depending on the amount of free time you have. You could do the exercises in the morning, but if you are in a hurry to go to work at this time, then you could simply leave them for the time you come back from work.

Another important thing that you should have in mind if you choose to do a 20-minute workout is that you should use this time wisely and not waste it. After all the less you work out, the more intense your workout should be. That is why we have prepared for you some workout rules which will help you get the most of it.

#1 Do not focus on only one part of the body

If you decide to do this kind of workout, then it would be best if you did exercises for all parts of the body and not for only 1. You should try to include all muscle groups in the workout. That is why you should try exercises like leaps and burpees. And, of course, do not forget about planks. These exercises are perfect for a shorter and effective workout.

#2 Do not distract yourself

As I mentioned earlier, it is very important not to waste your time while doing the exercises. This also means that you should not distract yourself. If you have set your timer for 20 minutes, but every two minutes you are checking your social media account, or you decide to talk on the phone for 5 minutes, then it is needless to say that you are cheating by distracting yourself with some things that can wait for a while. So, make sure that you do not waste these 20 minutes.

#3 Cut the time for breaks

Since the workout is in a shorter time span, this means that the breaks should also be shorter than the ones you usually take. So, for example, if you take a minute break between different sets of exercises, then you should cut this time with at least 15 seconds, or better yet, with 30 seconds. You need to make sure that you use this time for exercises the most. And this means fewer breaks, and more work. Stick to this rule. After all it is only for about 20 minutes.

#4 Make a plan

Before you start with your workout, it is best to know what you are doing so that you do not waste time between the series of exercises. Discipline is very important when it comes to shorter workouts. Make sure you have all you need around you so that you do not waste time going to get some things you need during the workout.

Keep a bottle of water and a towel near you. And also you need to decide which exercises to do. Divide the time you have between the different sets of exercises and make sure you calculate them well so that you do not waste any time when moving from one exercise to the next.

#5 Workout at home

If you really want to save time from workouts, then it is best to forget about the gym and to do the exercises at home. This way you will save yourself much time from preparation, putting on the perfect sweat suit and choosing the right trainings.

You will also save much time since you will not have to go to the gym and get back. These small things that are not even an essential part of the workout can save you a lot of time if you think about them wisely. Only this way you will be able to get the most of your workout for just

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