5 Shades of Gray Outfit Ideas

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Gray is one interesting color. It is a mixture of black and white which are the two complete opposites when we talk about colors. Young people often think that the world they live in is either black or white, but the reality is that it is all mixed and it is gray.

This color has great symbolism in a lot of cultures. It is also needless to say that a certain book and a movie, both of which became extremely popular all over the world, are about shades of gray.

Today we were inspired by this color and decided to share with you some outfit ideas with shades of gray. Check them out!

#1 Winter sun

The first of the outfit ideas we have prepared for you today is inspired not only by the gray color, but also by the winter sun which occasionally shows up through the clouds.

There are two main items that this outfit consists of. The first one is a long woolen gray coat, and the next one is a long woolen gray scarf. The weather is still cold these two items will do a good job warming you up.

And since there will be more and more sunny days during the next month, you will also need a pair of sunglasses the frame of which is, of course, in gray.

You can match all these items with a pair of light blue jeans, and why not gray jeans even? You may also wear some silver jewelry, like a ring, a necklace, or a ring. This way your 5 shades of gray outfit will be complete.

#2 Work in gray

The next outfit with the color gray is inspired by the working women. This outfit is a perfect one for a day at the office. Since women need to show how powerful, hard-working, and business-oriented they are, their outfit also needs to show this. This also means that style needs to play a crucial role here as well.

For this outfit we have chosen A long gray dress. The dress needs to be a cotton one, or a woolen one, but not too elegant because it would not be suitable for the office. You also could choose a turtleneck one which would be a good choice for the cooler winter days.

Match the dress with a pair of black ankle boots. It is best to be ankle ones because this way they will not be hidden under the long dress. As for the outerwear, you may also choose a long gray woolen coat. Add a black shoulder bag to complete the outfit.

#3 Casual Outfit

The next outfit in the list is more casual compared to the previous two ones. It is perfect for a day at the mall, for shopping, or simply for a walk with your friends. The central item in this outfit is the gray fur coat which you can wear as an outerwear.

Match it with a pair of light blue jeans and a white top. These two colors match the gray one nicely and they will give a nice fresh look to the outfit. If you want to add some bohemian touch to the outfit, you could wear it with with a tassel bag and a pair of long boots.

#4 All about the accessories

The color gray is not the main color in the next outfit, but it still plays an important role. This time the color is all about the accessories. Some people may find it a little bit awkward since this color is not the most preferred one for the accessories.

Since it is will winter and the weather is cold, you may need to wear a gray hat to keep you warm. If you prefer to wear the hat as an accessory, you could wear a floppy hat. A nice match to the gray hat would be a pair of ankle boots again in gray.

As this outfit is all about the accessories, there will be no way to miss to add jewelries. If you want you could wear a couple of silver necklaces and some gray watch. If the weather is cold, you could wear gray gloves, or mittens. You could also add a gray belt. And match all of these items with a pair of black pants and a white top.

#5 Gray and Blue

The final outfit in out list with suggestions is called Gray & Blue. This is, of course, because the outfit is about these two colors. This time we have chosen the blue to be the “outer” one by choosing a blue brazer for the outerwear item. Match it with a gray blouse and a gray pair of pants.

The blue color will make the outfit a little bit more vivid and fresher and it will definitely help you attract some extra attention. As for the shoes and the bag, you could choose such ones in black since they would not be the central item in the outfit and they do not need to be colorful.

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