5-Minute Curls for Busy Girls

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Every single reader of my articles is a beautiful and independent woman, which automatically leads to the fact that all of you are quite busy with all kinds of activities and tasks. That’s why you come here often, because I give my everything to present you different tricks and hacks that will save you time and money while you boost up your appearance.

This article is dedicated to the hair and how to make a beautiful curled texture in less than 5 minutes. Take a look at the steps and follow them one by one (they are just a few) and you will get the right look in no time. Here we go:

  • Tie the hair into a top-high ponytail, make the knot right at the crown area.

  • Apply thermal protector on the whole tail. Then, apply stylizing mousse in order to create long lasting curls.

  • Then, divide the tail in two equal sections.

  • Twist the first section into a loose strand and wrap it around the curling wand. Hold it a little bit longer than usual, because the strand is thicker than usual.

  • Remove the wand and clip the section into a roll until it cool down. This step is highly recommended, because the warm hair can loose its curves and it can get straight again because of its weight.

  • Then, repeat the same steps with the other section of the tail.

  • Once the hair is perfectly cool, remove the hair clips and remove the hair band, release the ponytail.

  • Finger brush the hair in order to merge the sections and spritz the whole hair with hair spray to set the curls last longer.

  • Enjoy your natural-looking curvy hair texture, which is made for less than 5 minutes. Now, finish your makeup and put on the wanted outfit and you are ready to go and seize the day. Have fun!

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