5 Makeup Trends from the Past which Made a Big Return

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When you think of makeup trends from the 1980s or 1990s you probably imagine some of the most over-the-top trends which you would not want to be back, like over-lined brown lips, or super thin, almost non-present, brows. Surely a lot of people would not want to see them coming back since they look so outdated and not fashionable.

However, when it comes to trends, no matter whether they are in the fashion or makeup world, sooner or later there is always a comeback. Some of the items which you once though that will no longer be in fashion made their return years later. And today we are going to show you which of the long and gone makeup trends from the past have made their comeback.

#1 Colorful mascara

The 1980s were an interesting decade which include a lot of fashion and makeup trends which nowadays people would consider strange, like colorful mascara. For as long as I can remember I have been using black, or occasionally brown mascara, and I surely could not imagine wearing green or orange mascara, like women in the 1980s.

However, this colorful makeup trend has made its comeback and now it is surely not that strange to see women wearing different color mascaras. Definitely the colorful types of mascara will not substitute the traditional black and brown ones, but having around some blue, or purple mascara will not hurt anybody. In fact, they are cool for a night out at a club or some theme party.

#2 Glitter

Glitter will be always present in one way or another in the fashion and makeup world even if sometimes people get a bit tired of it and give it a break until they once again decide that they need some extra sparkle to their style.

A few decades ago body glitter, for example was very popular and people liked covering themselves from top to bottom with it. They not only applied it on their nails and body, but also to their hair.

Last year glitter made an impressive comeback whenbutt glitter became popular, or when women started expressing the beauty of their stretch marks by applying glitter on them. Body glitter is definitely back, but this does not mean that one should cover their entire body with it. Of course not.

Applying glitter here and there, though, like on the eyelids, the lips, or even some bits on the chest, would be a perfect way to attract attention without being over-the-top and by sticking to the current makeup trends.

#3 Skinny brows

If I have to be honest, this way my biggest fear, that very thin brows will be back. And they did. During the past few years bushy brows were very, very popular because some very famous models and actresses had such ones. They definitely replaces the old trend from the 1990s which included very thin, sometimes barely present eyebrows.

Well, surprisingly or not they are back, but not their very old skinny self. This time skinny brows are not as skinny as they used to be probably because so thin brows look unnatural. Still they are a good change from the overly bushy brows which were so popular in the past few years.

#4 Face art

There was another interesting trend in the 1990s which people back in the days were obsessed with but got tired of soon after. This was face art. There were a lot of women who liked applying stickers, stones, and even jewels on their face to look interesting and fashionable.

In the past 20 years or so, they were not present in the fashion world, until very recently when a fashion model posted a picture of her wearing stars on her face. Immediately women started trying to achieve the same and similar looks.

You have probably noticed that there are a lot of people wearing such kind of face art on a daily basis and not only when they have a theme party. Well, there is nothing wrong with adding some touch of sparkle to one’s look, isn’t it?

#5 Hot pink lipstick

Every time I think of pink lipstick I either think of the popular Barbie dolls from the 1990s, or of an elderly lady which still wants to be fashionable by wearing hot pink lipstick. These are not the best associations with this pink color lipstick. Since the 90s people gave it a break until very recently when hot pink once again became a popular lipstick color.

This time there are not so glossy versions of the lipstick, and not so over-the-top bright which probably helped them make their comeback. And no matter if you prefer a glossy or a matte lipstick, you can once again try this lip trend.

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