5 Interesting Uses of Beer You Had No Idea about

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There are a lot of people who drink beer, both men and women, even if in most cases men are the ones who are considered to drink much more beer than women. And that is probably why it is considered to be a man’s kind of drink. Today, however, we are going to show women that this drink can become their best friend. There are some very interesting uses of beer you probably do not know about and today we are going to show you which they are. And some of them are even not about drinking it. So, check them out and be amazed.

#1 It helps you sleep better

The first of the incredible beer uses you probably do not know about is that it can help you sleep better. It is not necessarily, though, to drink it. There is actually another way you can use it if you have problems sleeping. You need to wash your pillowcase with some beer added into your detergent. It may sound a little weird since usually people would not consider their laundry clean if there are still some beer stains on it.

However, if you wash your pillowcase with equal amount of water and beer, it will absorb the smell of the beer. And when you sleep on it, the hop flower, which is one of the main ingredients in beer, and it is a natural sedative. So, this means that you can also drink beer if you have problems sleeping, but if you do not want to absorb some extra calories with it (as you probably know, beer is quite caloric), you can simply wash your pillowcase with it.

#2 It boosts hair growth

The next use of beer will appeal to women who want to have long hair. It turns out that beer stimulates hair growth and it nourishes it as well. This is because beer contains vitamin B and silicone which are the two main ingredients needed for a healthy and strong hair.

What you need to do to use beer as your hair supporter is to rinse your hair with a glass of beer. Make sure you start from your scalp and spread it evenly on your hair. Then you need to massage your scalp in order to absorb as much beer as it can.

And after that leave your hair like this for 5 minutes. You may wrap it with towel if you do not want your clothes to have beer on them afterwords. Then rinse your hair thoroughly with water, but you should not wash your hair. When your hair gets dry you will immediately notice how shinier it has become.

#3 It makes your skin smoother

The next use of beer would come in handy to a lot of women who want flawless skin. Beer can help your skin become smoother and firmer. One of the reasons for this is because it contains antioxidants which have good effect on your skin. And the next reason is that this alcohol drink boosts the self-repairing abilities of a person’s skin. In other words, it makes it younger, tighter and with less wrinkles.

If you want to try how beer will effect your skin, you could massage it daily with it. Or you could also try this face mask: 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon of beer, 3 drops of almond oil. Mix them all well and then apply the mask on your face for about 10 minutes. Massage it gently into the skin. Apply the mask regularly and you will be a proud owner of a young and smooth skin.

#4 It works as food remedy

The next interesting use of beer which you probably do not know about is that it can relax your feet. There are some days when people are on foot most of the time, so it is normal to have tired feet at the end of the day. There are also a lot of women who wear high heels throughout the day and it is normal to feel their feet tired.

So, if you want to find a remedy for tired feet, then you need to try with beer. Soak your feet in a basin full of cold beer for about 5 minutes or so. You will soon feel the refreshing effect the beer will have on your feet. This way if you have sore feet, the tension in them will ease. So, have this remedy in mind.

#5 It removes dead skin cells

The next very useful remedy is again connected to a person’s skin. Beer helps remove dead skin cells from your body, which means that is could work as a great exfoliant. Here is what you need to do: get a handful of strawberries and two tablespoons of beer. Mash the strawberries and mix them with the beer. The mixture you will then have will be a paste. Apply it on your face and massage it with the mixture. Leave it for 5 minutes or so and then rinse with water. In a couple of days try the mask once again for a better effect.

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