5 Golden Rules for Winning over a Guy’s Friends

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In every meaningful relationship, there comes the time when you decide to introduce your special someone to those who know and love you best. Meeting your man’s friends is a milestone in your relationship. Let’s face it – meeting your boyfriend’s friends can be a stressful experience. These are the people he hangs out with the most, and their opinion of you will matter to him; therefore, making a good impression is crucial. Meeting your guy’s friends can be as intimidating as meeting his parents. Do not worry or overstress about this. Try to push those nerves aside and read these tips for meeting your boyfriend’s friends.


  1. Show interest in his friends.


The cardinal rule to remember when meeting his inner circle is to get to know your guy’s friends. Don’t stare at your phone and don’t focus only on your boyfriend. If you are going out together and he wants to introduce you to his friends, then you need to make an effort to learn more about them. You’ve probably heard their names and a little bit of their background but you need to know more about their life. Listen to their mutual stories even if you are not part in them. There will be inside jokes you will not understand and certain group traditions that do not involve you. Do not get offended if you’re pushed slightly to the sidelines during group outings. Even if you’re uncomfortable, try your best to enjoy their company.


  1. Do not make things intense or awkward.


Treat the day you meet his friends like any other day you’d hangout with him. The quickest way to turn your boyfriend’s friends against you is to treat him with disrespect in front of them. What you should not do is to start an argument in their presence, look through his phone when he goes to the bathroom, interrupt him or make notes on how he talks with his mouth full. Even if you’re joking around, this could be taken seriously and then things could get awkward. A golden rule here you must remember is not to boss him around in front of his friends and respect him!


  1. Do not seek out attention.


Many people strive to be the centre of attention, especially when trying to make an impression. However, this can easily backfire. Of course your boyfriend’s friends want to get to know you, but don’t push it. In this case, you don’t have to talk about yourself on and on and on… Pay attention to everyone equally to show them you’re interested in their lives. If you are smiling, being friendly and feeling confident in the conversation, people will be drawn to you. It will not be necessary to seek out excessive attention.


  1. Dress to impress.


Dressing properly when you meet your guy’s friends is also important to win them and make a great first impression. If you’re meeting over dinner, then you can show off a more polished, dressed-up get-up. It’s not good to be too revealing at a dinner with friends, but definitely do showcase your favourite body part. For instance, you may put on a patterned dress or skirt with a sleeveless top and lower neckline. If you are going for a walk in the park or in town centre, put on something very casual. A skater skirt or jeans combined with a modern shirt are always a winner.


  1. Go with the flow.


When meeting your guy’s best friends, expect the unexpected and get involved in whatever is happening. If all of them decide to go to a bar after dinner or to a club, then go for it. You will have more fun when you get involved in everything they fancy, and having a distraction always makes it a little easier to talk to people, and they will definitely think you are fun.


Now you should feel more confident after reading these 5 golden rules for winning over a guy’s friends. Just remember to be friendly, show interest in the conversation and dress properly for the occasion. What you shouldn’t do is to boss your boyfriend around or seek too much attention. Keep everything in moderation and you would be fine! Good luck!

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