5 Expensive Beauty Products You Do Not Need

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Nowadays the makeup industry is huge. There are so many different products and brands from all over the world producing them that it would be hard to list them all. It is true that a lot of the beauty and makeup products they sell are very useful and can really make women look younger, fresher, and can help them enhance their natural beauty.

However, there are still products, some of which very expensive, that you do not need. Today we are going to show you a list of some of these items and explain why there is no need to buy them apart from saving money. Check them out!

#1 Day Cream

As every other product, day cream have their history. Have you ever though why they were day and night creams? It is connected to the history of the products. Day creams were first invented when people realized the need to protect their skin from the sun rays. And that is how they started producing day creams with SPF which is high enough to protect delicate face skin.

Nowadays there are so many different facial creams, a lot of which have SPF in them. What you need to do is simply use such, no matter if it is not a day cream. It will still do the job – to protect your skin from the strong sun and to keep it moisturized at the same time. This means you can scratch you’re your list buying specific day creams.

#2 Lip primer

Primers in general are very important because they smooth out the skin by closing the pores a little and at the same time help your makeup stay in place longer. It is really essential to use face primer, but there is absolutely no need to use lip primer. One can make their lipstick last longer in a couple of ways without spending extra money on lip primers.

There is only need to keep one’s lips nicely hydrated and to exfoliate them every now and again. Besides, when speaking or having food or drinks one’s lipstick can easily fade if it is not a matte one or if it is not reapplied. That is why you do not need to spend extra money on lip primers. Just stick to the well-known tricks of making your lipstick last longer.

#3 Lip scrubs

And since we started talking about lip products, here is another one you could do without. And this is lip scrub. Exfoliating one’s lips is very important in order to remove any dead skin cells and to make your lips look fresher, but this does not mean that you need to spend extra money on lip scrubs.

You can actually prepare some at home using petroleum jelly and some sugar, or you can even use some clean toothbrush and extra amount of lip balm on your lips. Such methods will have the same result as the expensive lip scrubs bought from some shop.

#4 Brow setting gel

Nowadays setting brow gels are one of the essential products for completing one’s brow makeup. However, there are some quite expensive brow gels which can be easily substituted with other products you can find at home, without spending extra money. You can set your brows with some setting powder, as you usually set your makeup.

Or if you prefer to use some product which will have the same effect as brow gels, then try with hair sprays. You need to apply some of it on a clean mascara brush and to brush your brows with it. The hair spray will set them perfectly without spending money on brow gels.

#5 False lashes

The next thing you do not need is false lashes. Surely, they are very attractive, feminine, and complete one’s eye makeup. However, makeup is not about covering one’s face but just enhancing one’s natural beauty. There are women who take extra care of their falsies on a monthly basis, which also means that they spend extra money on this treatment.

False lashes are not the best way to express your natural beauty. That is why it is better to avoid applying them, especially on everyday basis, and for daytime events. You can use mascaras with fibers which will add some extra volume and length to your lashes and will make them look natural and pretty.

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