5 Different Outfit Ideas for Wearing Leather Pants in the Winter

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Winter could be a really cold season but sometimes this is a good thing. Just think about all the winter activities you could have missed if there was not any snow at all. Another advantage that winter has compared to the other seasons is that a person could wear a lot of different layers of clothing. In order to keep warm, a person could play so much with fashion that the end product is amazing.

Today we decided to show you some outfit ideas which are perfect for the current season and are very hot at the same time. They are suitable for some casual events, and some of them – for a night out. And all of the outfits include one main item –leather pants. Here are a few outfit ideas with leather pants you can try out this season.

#1 Casual leather jeans style

Sometimes when you think of leather jeans you would hardly imagine they can be too casual, but in fact the accessories and the rest of the outfit can make it perfect for a walk, or a visit to the mall. You can match a pair of skinny leather pants with a pair of sneakers and a rather casual top in grey.

To make the outfit complete you can add some denim jacket. This outfit is suitable for the warmer winter days, or you could just wear it in the spring – it would be perfect for it.

#2 Leather Pants and Fur Coat

The next outfit is personally my favorite one in the list because it is very posh and attractive. It is also perfect for the winter, which means that you could try it out immediately. What you will need for it is a pair of your favorite skinny leather pants and some faux fur coat. These two items will look perfect together and very sexy as well.

You can match them with some white top or some white shirt – it will look both great with the black color of the pants and with whichever color you choose for the faux fur coat. As for the shoe part of your outfit, you definitely need to stick to some high heels. If stilettos are not a thing you wear in the winter, then you could wear the outfit with some ankle boots with high heels. And if you match the color of the shoes with the color of the coat – the result will be even more sophisticated.

#3 Elegant chic

The next outfit idea is suitable for the office if you do not have some strict dress code, or if you do you could be allowed to wear it on Fridays. You can wear some black leather pants with a shirt and some blazer to look quite sophisticated.

You can choose a shirt in white to make the outfit look classy, but you can choose other colors as well. As for the shoes, you can match the outfit with some boots, ankle boots, or if you want it to be more feminine and elegant – with stilettos.

#4 Leather pants with a leather jacket

The next outfit idea would definitely appeal to those of you who like rocker kind of style because the main part of the outfit is all about leather. You can actually wear a leather pair of pants with some leather jacket without feeling it is too much. The way you can do it is paying special attention to the accessories.

You can wear a simple white top under the jacket but you can also add some colorful scarf. This way the fabric and the colors of the scarf will take away some of the harshness of the leather fabric and will make the outfit fresh and more lively. The same way you could aim for some rather long top that will hide some part of the leather pants, but not completely. This way you will balance the two main types of fabrics of the outfit.

#5 Glamorous shiny outfit

Last, but not least, we have an outfit which is perfect for going clubbing. It is very shiny but not over the top. A pair of black leather pants can go really well with some sequin top. You can wear these two with some leather blazer to stick to the club-like version of the outfit.

As for the shoe part, you probably have guessed that stilettoes or some other type of high heel shoes will work best for it. Leather pants are surely a great piece of clothing for a night out, so you should definitely consider having at least one pair for such occasions.

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