5 Cool and Fun Date Ideas for the Christmas Holidays

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Winter is a season which is associated with coziness, Christmas holidays, family gatherings and parties. This, however, does not mean that one cannot find some passionate love romance during the season. In fact, you could even heat up your relationship, or begin a new one in the winter since there are a lot of opportunities to heat up a love relationship when it is cold. Today we have prepared for you a list of cool and fun date ideas for the winter which can bring a spark in your love relationships. Check them out!

#1 Hit the ice rink

The first of our ideas is connected to some people’s favorite winter sport activities – ice skating. This kind of physical activity allows one to have a lot of fun, to laugh, to spend time with friends, or their partner, and to exercise. This is one of the activities that brings Christmas spirit to people.

This is a fun way to have a date since you could both have a laugh, there will be no awkward silence if you do not know what to talk about, on the contrary, you will have a conversation starter with your experience at the ice rink. If you are into such kind of activities, you should definitely consider this as a Christmas date idea.

#2 Have a walk in the center of town

The next idea which you should consider as an option for a date during the Christmas holidays, is to have a walk in the center of the town or city. There will be lots of Christmas lighting and decorations which will add an additional warm feeling to your date. You will have the opportunity to walk around thus seeing some potential subjects you can talk about if you end up having nothing in common.

You could stop by at some shop and grab a hot cocoa, or tea, have something sweet to eat, or even visit some Christmas bazaar where you could taste some Christmas cookies, or other sweet delights. This could be considered an ordinary day out, but in fact it can help you feel closer to the person who you share this moment with and share the Christmas spirit together.

#3 Have your own Christmas party at home

The next thing that you could do if you are about to have a date during the Christmas holidays is to celebrate Christmas a bit early together. You could have your own Christmas party at home, just the two of you. You could dress up with cozy Christmas sweaters and you could decorate the house together.

You can play some Christmas songs while doing so, or you could also bake some cookies together. In the end, you could watch some Christmas movie cuddling together. This seemingly non-special date could actually turn into the best one you have ever had. The time spent together, with all the positivity and Christmas spirit could bring you close together.

#4 Go to the countryside

The next date idea you could try during the holidays is to leave the city and to head to the countryside. You could have a long walk in the woods, to have some fresh air, and to be alone, just the two of you. If your child spirit is still alive, you could take the opportunity that you are in the countryside and you could have some ride with sleighs.

It is an activity which could be a really good laugh and at the same time it can help you move your muscles as a fun sport in the winter. The fresh and clean air will help you feel more energized and it could even boost your health a little. At the same time you will be alone with your date having the opportunity to get to know each other better.

#5 Rent a cottage in the mountains

One of the most romantic winter date ideas which comes to my mind is renting a cottage in the mountains. There are plenty of cottages you could find around the holidays where good service, nice food, and even spa are offered.

You could enjoy a couple of days with your partner in the cottage having long walks in the mountain, drinking hot cocoa around the fireplace and listening to a lot of Christmas songs which can boost your Christmas spirit as well. It is one of the coziest Christmas date ideas which can combine both love relationships and Christmas.

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