4 Useful Nail Hacks for Busy Girls

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There are a lot of women who want beautiful nails, but just do not have the time to focus on them. There are so many things one should do every day that they end up doing only the most important ones for them. And for a lot of women “great nails” is not in the top list of their priorities.

Since we want women to feel pretty and comfortable in their own skin, but at the same time to have the chance to do everything from their to-do list, we have prepared for you a number of nail hacks that will help you have a pretty manicure in no time. So, if you are curious to find which they are, check the list we have prepared for you.

#1 Keep it simple

Sometimes good manicure is not extremely shiny and sparkly, but it can be very simple and easy to do. That is why if you do not have plenty of time to spend on your nails, then you need to keep things simple.

Do not wait for your nails to grow too long, you can have cute manicure with short nails as well. You can only have a couple of layers of nail polish and nicely shaped nails and you are good to go.

#2 Props are your friends

The next advice I will give you is about props. If you want to have flawless manicure in no time, then you will need some extra help from some tools. Later I am going to tell you more about some of them.

The top one you definitely must have if you want to quickly make your nails pretty is liquid tape. When you decide to nail polish your nails, apply some of the liquid tape around each one of your nails, on the cuticles as well.

When you are ready with the polishing, you will remove the tape (which will be already dry and easy to peel off) and your cuticles and fingers will be nail polish-free. Very useful, practical and fast.

#3 Know your reds

The next hack is for those of you who like the color red. Have you thought that there could be a specific red hue that will match your nails better than other red hues? Well, if you have not, let me tell you that this is true. There are some red hues that match one’s nails better than others. And now we are going to tell you how to find out which ones are the best for you.

The secret is in your skin tone. There are three types of skin tone: cool, warm, and neutral. If you do not know which is yours, you can check it by the color of your veins on your wrists. If they appear blue or purple, then your skin tone is cool. If they are green, then you have warm skin tone. And if you cannot tell whether they are blue or green, then your skin tone is neutral.

If your skin tone is cool, then the hues of red nail polish that will look good on your nails are the darker kind of ones, like wine red, cherry red, and blood red. If your skin tone is warm, then you can apply lighter red nail polish colors, like rose red, light red, and candy apple red. And if you are neutral, when it comes to skin tone, then try to stay in the middle with no light red hues and not too dark ones, like watermelon red, crimson red, and scarlet red.

#4 Remove glitter nail polish faster

Glitter nail polish is one of the hardest kinds of nail polish to remove. That is why some girls need to know a couple of tricks that will help them remove their glitter nail polish fast.

The first one is the technique borrowed from removing gel nail polish. What you will need is some cotton, nail polish remover with acetone, and some pieces of foil which need to be big enough to cover the tips of your nails.

Get the pieces of cotton absorb a lot of nail polish remover. Then put the piece of cotton of this one of your nails with the glitter nail polish and then wrap it with the piece of foil.

Do the same with the rest of the nails that have glitter on them. Wait for a few of minutes, preferably from 8 to 10 minutes, and then unwrap your nails. You will see that there would be no sign of the glitter on them.


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