4 Great Places to Visit in Seville, Spain

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Spain is one of the most popular countries with tourists from all over the world. It is famous for its rich culture, beautiful dances, and delicious food. Spain is a country which definitely deserves visiting and experiencing. One of the cities in the country is Seville. It is considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the whole country.

It is one of the places which you definitely need to visit when you go to Spain. Today we have prepared for you a list of things you can visit if you go to Seville. Here they are!

#1 Plaza de España

One of the first stops in this beautiful Spanish city should be Plaza de España. The plaza is quite big and it represents a round patio with a fountain in the middle, a canal, and a few foot bridges. You can see some ducks swimming in the canal, or if you are lucky you could get a boat and have a ride on the canal.

Apart from this, the whole plaza is surrounded by beautiful old building and towers. The whole plaza is surrounded by artwork which represent the former colonies of the Spanish empire in an alphabetical order. You could also see some flamenco dancers there and experience the beauty of one of the most popular and iconic Spanish dances.

#2 Barrio Santa Cruz

The whole city of Seville includes neighborhoods which need to be seen and one of the most popular ones is Barrio Santa Cruz. It is a former Jewish neighborhood before the time of the Spanish inquisition. In the late 15th century the Jews were expelled from the country and some dreadful stories accompany this part of the Spanish history. The neighborhood remains also popular for its small narrow streets and orange trees.

#3 Catedral de Sevilla

the next place you definitely should visit in Seville is the cathedral – Catedral de Sevilla. It is the largest Gothic building in Europe when it comes to size. It is very impressive both from the outside and inside. It is open to visitors and it has a small garden with orange trees which bring fresh citrus aroma to the garden.

The Arabs had a big influence in the architecture of the buildings in Seville. Some of the mosques were destroyed, but a part of the mosque which was located on the place of the current cathedral remained because of its beauty. You can see the traces of it from the outside.

You can also climb one of the towers and have a great view of the city from up there. In the cathedral you can also see the place where the remains of Christopher Columbus are. You can also learn a lot about the history and architecture of the cathedral.

#4 Plaza de Toros de la Real Maestranza

One of the experiences typical for Spain is the Spanish corrida where people go to see some life bullfighting. This type of sport/attraction is one of the old Spansih traditions but a lot of people find it too violent. If you think that you will not be able to handle the animal torture it is better to avoid this experience, but it is surely one of the symbols of the country in general.

The corrida in Seville is a big one and one can watch life bullfights there from April till October. The usual bullfighting can last up to 4 hours and the tickets could vary from 20 EUR up to 100 EUR. You can also get some souvenirs, like magnets or key chains, with bulls and the corrida.

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