4 Benefits From Watermelon Seeds

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I don’t know any person who doesn’t love watermelon. And how could you even think about not loving it. It is pink and green and it tastes amazing. One thing though all people hate are the seeds of the watermelon. But at the end of the day it turns out that those watermelon seeds could do much good. Actually can do so much that you never did expect it. The seeds really very low  on calories and dietitians  do like it.

  1. Magnesium. It is the element that our bodies often miss. And that should be changed. And keep in mind the fact that those are not all of the minerals found in watermelon seeds. Do you know what is the daily intake of magnesium that your body need after you become an adult? Around 400mg. And we usually don’t even intake half of that. Magnesium is a helper for your metabolism, muscle and nerve function. So how could you throw those seeds away?
  2. Good’ fats. Seeing the world fat might not be cool. But you need that, trust me. Those watermelon seeds can give you all the fat acids you need, so that you have an energy boost. You could ask any doctor – without any fats we cannot function. So why don’t we just eat those that are good for us? These fats can prevent you from heart attack and a stroke. So it is a great benefit. They could also lower your cholesterol levels. And you need them low. And by the way, those fats don’t make you gain weight. They are processed in the body very fast, that is why they are ‘good’.
  3. Iron. Do you want to be like Popeye or Iron Man? Well, instead of eating spinach, think about watermelon seeds. Cause there is no power without something give to us by the Mother Nature. Do you know, though why you need that iron? It is the thing that forms the right hemoglobin levels in your body. Also, it is another thing that helps you to slim down – it converts calories into energy (if you have extra of those).
  4. Folate. Not many people know anything about Folate. It is something that is usually deficient in our bodies. This actually is your vitamin B9. It works in one special way – it helps your brain to do his work the right way. Once you get pregnant this is the most important thing for you. You want a smart baby, right? Of course that doesn’t mean to forget about the Folate before that, but those are the times that are a must.

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