4 Amazing Bread-less Sandwich Ideas

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We are so used to using bread in the preparation of a sandwich, that when we think about not putting any bread in it, it sounds awkward and unbelievable. How can we make a sandwich without any bread? Easy, we will just use other products between which to put the essence. If you want to make some sandwiches for a picnic or a birthday party, but the people you are going with are all about eating healthy and want to avoid including bread in their menus, then you will make them really have if you try some of these interesting ideas for bread-less sandwiches.

Red bell pepper sandwiches
If you are a fan of the bell peppers, then you would probably like our first idea for bread-less sandwich. It is very easy and fast to do, so you will have no right to use the excuse “I cannot cook”. To make these sandwiches you will need 8 big red bell peppers (of course, you can use more or less depending on the number of people you want to feed), 8 pieces of smoked turkey fillets, some cheese (8 pieces for this number), and some olives. Slice the bell peppers in halves, put one piece of turkey and cheese between the two parts of the bell peppers and garnish each pepper with olives, you can put them inside the peppers or on top of them.

Eggplant sandwiches
Some people may not be fans of eggplants, if you are one of them, you should know that they have a lot of minerals and vitamins, thus are really healthy. And this recipe will blow you mind, cause they are not raw, but grilled. Here is how to do it. You will need one or two eggplants, because for each sandwich you will need only two pieces of eggplant, one or two tomatoes, some raw goat milk cheese, mushrooms, and one avocado. Now grill the eggplants on grate, or wherever you can. Then while they are still hot, put the goat milk cheese so that it can melt a little, then put a slice or two of tomatoes, mushrooms and some avocado. Or you can first put all the ingredients between the eggplants and then grill it. Either way, it is very delicious.

Pancake sandwiches
This is one of my favorites, because I love pancakes, but the ones that are the European and not the American type, because you will need them to be thinner, like tortillas. You can make them at home, or if you like you can buy some from the market. If you want to make them yourselves, you will need 3 cups of dough, 4 ½ cups of water, one or two eggs and some salt. Mix them all together. Then get a non-stick pan and ladle, with it you will get some of the mixture and bake it in the pan. When you are done with the pancakes, let them cool down, and prepare the stuffing. For it you will need: some grilled chicken filets, sliced cucumbers or pickles, whichever you like better, sliced tomatoes, you will need at least two, some garlic sauce or light mayonnaise. Spread the sauce over each pancake, and then put in them the chicken, the cucumbers and the tomatoes. Wrap the pancakes up, enjoy your meal and do not forget to lick your fingers.

Cucumber minis
Another extremely delicious recipe with ingredients combined together are mind-blowing. For these sandwiches you will need: some cucumbers (one or two, depends on how many sandwiches you would want to make. More or less, with each cucumber you can make one or two sandwiches). You will also need some slices of roasted turkey breasts, mustard, and some melted cheese. You can add a few things on your own, or just not use the ingredients you do not like, for example there are some people who do not like mustard. Then cut the cucumbers in halves, and scrape the center part of them, where the seeds are. You will now have some free space where you can put the other ingredients. First spread the mustard, then put the turkey breasts, and finish with the melted cheese putting it on top of the turkey, or you can put it in between the pieces of turkey. Close the sandwich with the second piece of the cucumber, and enjoy your meal!

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