How to Escape a Wild Animal Attack

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People nowadays love traveling to exotic locations because they can see some nature and culture they are not able to see at home. Nature could be really beautiful but it is often not the safest thing for a person.

There are a lot of wild animals which a person can encounter during their exotic trips. That is why today we decided to share with you a short guide to how to survive a wild animal attack.

#1 Shark attack

Sharks have the reputation of some really vicious animals that love killing people due to the numerous horror movies with sharks. However, they are not as dangerous as a person would think.

They actually do not find humans tasty, that is why the majority of shark species would not pay attention to humans in the water at all, or if they attack a person they do not eat them alive, as in movies, because again they do not find human meat delicious.

Still, one needs to know what to do if they encounter a shark in the ocean. First you need to stay calm even though this may be extremely hard for a lot of people. Panic will not help you deal with the situation. Make sure you do not turn your back to the shark and do not try to swim away because it will look at you as a prey.

If the shark approaches you too close, you can poke it in the eye, or in the gills. These two parts of the shark’s body are the most sensitive ones. You can try to kick it or hit it but make sure you stay away from its mouth.

#2 Crocodile attack

The next dangerous animal you can accidentally encounter in some exotic places, or even not so exotic, like Florida, is a crocodile, or an alligator. Unlike the sharks, these animals can really find a person tasty and are responsible for a lot of people’s deaths every year.

That is why you need to know what to do if you accidentally see such animal in the wild. If you are in some river, or pool, and you see a crock, make sure you do not attract its attention. Swim away as fast and as quiet as possible.

If it approaches you too much or grabs you, you can aim at its eyes since they are their most sensitive part of the body. And if you are on ground and see an alligator approach you, the best way torun away from it in a zig-zag way.

#3 Bear attack

The next animal in our list is not so exotic – bears. People could encounter them when they walk in the woods even. Bears may seem friendly and fluffy, but if they sense some threat, they can become really aggressive. They can attack you if you have approached their baby cubs especially.

If you see a bear in the wild, make sure you do not make loud sounds and do not run away from it because this way you will attract its attention and the animal will probably start chasing you.

It is best to stay low and if the bear attacks you to curl in a ball and not move. If the animal thinks that you are dead, it will not do anything to you. That is why you need to make sure you do not move from that position a long time because the bear may still be there expecting you to move.

#4 Gorilla attack

If you have decided to be adventurous and to go to the tropical rainforests, then be ready to see a live gorilla there. What you need to know if you encounter a gorilla in the wild is that this animal will not attack you if you do not act like a threat. You need to be very obedient and to stay low.

You can also pretend that you are very weak – curl into a ball or sit down. You also need to make sure you do not look the animal directly into its eyes because this way you may irritate it. Make sure you do not look like danger to the gorilla.

#5 Rhino attack

Rhinos may look clumsy, but they are not. So if you encounter such an animal in the wild, make sure you do not scream, or make loud noise. Rhinos cannot see well and the loud sound can make them feel frightened and ready to attack.

If this happens to you, make sure you hide behind a tree, or some large stone. As I mentioned, these animals do not have good eyesight and that is why it will be easy to hide from them. You can also do this in some high grass.

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