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When I see the number 101, the first thing that pops out in my mind is a bunch of adorable dalmatians. This is one of my favorite movies and on of my favorite stories. It brings sad and happy feelings in me at the same time and every time I watch the movie, I feel child again, which is absolutely relaxing now, when I have a lot of responsibilities, which make me forget what it is like to be a kid again.

So, let’s bring those feelings again without watching the movie. There is one extremely simple way to achieve these feelings – a themed nail art, which is the 101 Dalmatians nail art. Take a look at the steps and if you are a fan of this movie, you can follow them in order to achieve the look. Here we go:

  • The dalmatians dogs are well known with their black & white coat. It is often asked what is the exact pattern – white with black stains or the other way around. I personally, think that the background color is the white and the stains are black. We will recreate this pattern with black and white nail polishes. Try to find opaque products.

  • First, file the nails into a semi-square shape, which is an universal shape and it will look good with the following nail art.

  • Then paint the nails with the white base and let it dry completely before the application of the black stains. If needed, apply two coats of the white base.

  • When the white base is all dry, you can use a bobby pin to create the black stains.

  • Cover the whole nail.

  • When you think you are ready, wait for the decorations, lock it with a thick layer of top coat.

  • Done!

101 nail art

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