10 Food Hacks that Will Change Your Life

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When it comes to food, people think that they have found out everything needed to survive and lead a healthy life. There are certain products that can be eaten and other foods people should avoid, some foods are baked, while other boiled, some are eaten fresh, while others cooked, and so on. Even though you can think that you have learned all about food, you are lying to yourself. There are still some food secrets, which some people may have revealed, but you still not to know about. So, we have decided to share these 10 interesting food hacks, which will help you in your everyday life and make you wonder why you have not thought about it before.

#1 Prevent bacon from shrinking

Bacon and eggs is one of the traditional American meals, however, it is not always cooked properly, or at least does not have the right shape. After bacon is cooked it often shrinks and does not look that tasty. If you want to keep it in the right long and delicious-kind of shape, you need to run the raw bacon under hot water before you cook it. The water will not allow the meat to shrink and you will have amazing-looking bacon with almost no efforts.

#2 Peel boiled potatoes easily

A lot of people like potato salad, but to make it one needs to boil some potatoes and peel them, which turns out to be a challenge for some people. Whether the potatoes will be easily peeled or not depends on the type of potatoes, or whether they have stayed long at the market (meaning they are old).

If you want to make sure you will have no difficulties when you have to peel them just try this little trick. Before you boil the potatoes, make a line with your knife around each potato. It will be almost as if you can see the inner part of the potato. Then, when they are boiled, run them under cold water and remove the peels. Thanks to the cut you made in the beginning some of the water will have entered between the peel and the potato, which will help you remove the peel much easily than usual.

#3 Protect bananas from rotting

Bananas are quite a delicious fruit, and people eat a lot of them, especially during the holidays. However, sometimes people tend to buy too much bananas and by the time they eat all of them, the bananas have turned brown and not so delicious-looking. Well, in fact, you can slow down this process by doing this simple trick. Just wrap the stem of the bananas in foil, or some plastic bag, but make sure they are wrapped tightly. This way you will slow down the rotting process. The wrapping of the stem resembles the stem being still on the banana tree and you will also prevent air from getting in touch with the stem, which is the main reason bananas rot so quickly when they are harvested.

#4 Peel easily eggs with this hack

Just with the case with the boiled potatoes, there are some kinds of eggs, usually the hard-boiled ones, which are peeled harder than the other ones. Some people recommend running cold water under the just boiled eggs to make the peeling easier, but it does not always work. Instead, you should add half of tablespoon of baking soda in the water before putting the eggs. The soda will make the egg shells much more easily breakable and you will peel the eggs in no time.

#5 Make bitter coffee tasty

There are certain coffee brands which offer bitterer coffee than the one you are used to. If you have accidentally bought such coffee do not throw it out. You can actually make it sweet enough for you, but this does not mean that you will have to add sugar to it. On the contrary, add a pinch of salt to the coffee. Salt wakes up the human taste receptors and make food more delicious, because it stimulates the saliva production. But remember, only a pinch of salt to your coffee, not more if you do not want to drink both salty and bitter coffee.

#6 Keep lemons fresh by keeping the peel

If you like lemons and you drink lemon juice or lemon water from time to time, but you do not want to use the whole lemon, you can still keep it fresh until the next time you want to use it. Just cut one side if the lemon, but keep it. Then cut as much of the lemon you want. Once you want to put it back in the fridge, get a toothpick and the first piece of lemon you cut and secure the left parts of the lemon with the toothpick. It will hold it together and will not allow it to rot that fast.

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