А Short Traveling Guide to Israel

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Every country in the world has its specific culture, language, and history. And every country in the world is worth visiting so that a person can get to appreciate not only their own country but the others as well and to learn to respect them.

Today we have prepared for you a short travel guide to a country which has a lot to offer to its visitors – Israel. Here are some things you should know before you visit the country.

#1 Best time to visit the country

When you are planning your trip to Israel, one of the first things to take into consideration is the time of the year you can to visit it. The current time of the year is a great one to visit it actually, in February and March, because at this time of the year the weather is not hot nor cold and more importantly the nature is very green, which will make your experience there very pleasant.

If you prefer some warmer weather with no rain, then you can head to Israel from April till October, because this is the hot and dry period there. And when it comes to the other months, from October to February, the weather is cool and rainy, so you are better off avoiding it.

#2 Services

The next thing which you should be aware of before you visit a given country is the service which you should expect there and the amount of tipping. As it is in a lot of other countries, taxi drivers in Israel usually round up the bill.

This should not surprise you or worry you, because it is normal. However, you need to check if the taxi driver has their meter turned on before you set off.

When it comes to tipping bartenders and waiters, you should know that the tips they get are about 10%-15% of the bill. This also goes for tour guides, they usually take 15% tip.

#3 Manners

The next thing you should know before visiting whichever country in the world is the type of manners which you need to have while you are with the locals, and while you are on public places. You should not be worried if you are asked some personal questions because Israeli are very open people and they do not find such topics offensive.

You also should not expect great punctuality. It is accepted to arrive 10-15 minute late for a meeting. Another thing you should be prepared of is that Israeli are very passionate people and sometimes they tend to rise their voice when they speak even if they are not angry. So do not get offended if you witness it.

#4 Table manners

The next thing you should be aware of is how to act when you have some meal at a restaurant. Some of the manners are quite universal ones, like holding the knife in your right hand and your fork in your left one without switching them.

Another thing which you need to have in mind is that you need to keep your hands above the table at all times, even when you are not eating at the moment.

After you are done with your meal you should complement the cook. It does not matter whether you have finished the whole of it, or if there is some left in your plate, the important thing is to appreciate the cook’s cooking.

#5 Foods to try

Another kind of experience which a person should go through when they visit a country is the local food. Trying some of the local specialties is a part of the whole appreciating-the-country experience. Some of the meals which you need to try in Israel are Israeli Breakfast, which includes fresh juice, coffee or tea, different types of cheese, freshly baked bread, and Israeli salad, which includes tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, olive oil, lemon juice and seasoning. You could also try some local falafels and baklava.

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